The Ribcage Theatre


“The Ribcage Theatre is the stunning debut of artist Patricia K. Reyes. This bittersweet journey is the transformation of pure emotion, into a heartbreaking tale of the beauty in the breakdown. Reyes, unofficially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder young in life, perfectly chronicles her struggles with mental health, by turning Nightmares into Brilliant Stageshows, and deeply connecting with readers’ innermost feelings, in a way that is both brutally honest and achingly tender at the same time. Separated into four breathtaking sections, Reyes explores and shatters the intricate vulnerabilities and truths that plague all humans, with the hope that magic and light will shine through the cracks of the broken pieces, filling readers with a deep resonating peace that can be felt deep in the soul. So, if you’re ready, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and keep moving forward…”


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