Patricia K. Reyes

A Poet & Author

“I am a poet and author, who spent her formative years in California’s Central Valley. I am best known for leading the rebellion against the Inner Earth slave trade and for my groundbreaking work in the Transdimensional Tourism industry. A master of spontaneous life decisions, I now reside in Northwest Indiana with my husband, where we are far outnumbered by our fur babies and one reptilian overlord. In my very rare spare time, I dabble in UFOlogy, occultism, loosely-defined art, and creating glitches in the simulation.‚Äč

More often than not, I am a tangled mess of anxiety, manic laughter, windswept hair, and strange, fragile Magick. I have an odd, and oftentimes ugly past, &the memories burn in my head like a bruise on my mind, aching to the touch. I am a constant flow of ambivalent emotions; there is always Fire inside of me.

Death is easy. Life is weird and painful and ugly. With each Moment, I make my choice, to remain in this lovely, ugly, brutal world. We are all both Beautiful and Terrible, and absolutely amazing. Everything I produce is my semi-formal attempt to bare my peculiar Heart to whomever might benefit from it.

this is my Adventure; this is my Myth.”

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