vivd immersive

Vivid, Immersive Imagery

Descriptions, sensations, and even characters’ emotions are felt deep within the Soul. The visceral, sublime, and oftentimes heartbreaking moments, are composed in such a way that the reader finds themselves living the stories as well.


Multidimensional Themes of Love, Loss, and Transformation

The universal human experiences of anguish, ecstasy, and conflicting passions are explored, and the stories become mythical tales, with brutal lessons for all who are willing to accept them.


Words of Catalytic Magick

Carefully threaded throughout the pages are phrases and symbols of thunderous, transformative Magick, intended to activate the readers’ intuitive connection to the Divine in all things, and assist them in awakening to their true Purpose and Divine Sovereignty.


Interwoven, Holographic Storylines

All works, even those not part of the same series, are part of the same virtual Universe, and as such are spirited reflections of one another. All stories contain within themselves the cumulative elements of both other tales by the author and every other story in Creation.


About Me

I am a poet and author, who spent her formative years in California's Central Valley. I am best known for leading the rebellion against the Inner Earth slave trade and for my groundbreaking work in the Transdimensional Tourism industry.


The ribcage theatre

The Ribcage Theatre is the stunning debut of artist Patricia K. Reyes.

This bittersweet journey is the transformation of pure emotion, into a heartbreaking tale of the beauty in the breakdown. Reyes, unofficially diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder young in life, perfectly chronicles her struggles with mental health, by turning Nightmares into Brilliant Stageshows, and deeply connecting with readers’ innermost feelings, in a way that is both brutally honest and achingly tender at the same time. 




I Initially read this on Kindle, but some books you just have to have a physical copy of. Especially when the cover makes for a great talisman. It reads as a coming of age book for both protagonists, but doesn't stop there as it reveals the tragedy of America's not-too-well documented hot-spots of hatred towards minorities (I looked up each event in the book online, I wouldn't recommend it... unless you have a strong disposition) however - it explores the ideas of identity, magick, and early 70's punk-rock with panache. The author writes with a vividness that is somewhat lacking today IMO; I not only saw the story unfold - I felt it. Quirky Tragedy, A personal apocalypse? The ending will leave you with questions, but I'm good with that.


This was phenomenal. I loved this book so much, there are so many lines I want to remember and save. The characters have become so familiar I need to know how their story continues past the last page. Cant recommend enough. Loved loved loved it.

Claire U.
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